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Rooster Booster 2022 Awarded to Tom Morley

The Rooster Booster is a prestigous award given out by the local Pheasants Forever chapter to someone who has worked tirelessly to support the Pheasants Forever mission of conservation.

Each year at the Annual Banquet a Rooster Booster is announced to show appreciation for an individual's dedication to conservation.

We're proud to announce this year's winner as Tom Morley!

Tom Morley's Work For Conservation

Tom Morley, 2022 Rooster Booster

Mr. Morley has worked tirelessly over the last several decades to continue to promote conservation in and around the Redwood Area. A few of the ways he has done this work include:

  • 2 wetland restorations
  • installation of 2 pollinator plots
  • planting of over 10,000 trees and shurbs
  • inclusion of over 500 acres in various conservation programs
  • participation in the stream bank erosion control project
Tom's Trail Cam Winter 2022 Pheasants

In addition to these impressive projects, Tom has also been a great supporter of the Redwood County Pheasants Forever chapter through his participation and management of the grain trailer located in Redwood Falls with the intention of keeping the local pheasant population alive through this harsh winter. Tom also serves on the Redwood County Pheasants Forever board and is a very active member.

Redwood County Pheasants Forever Corn Trailer 2022

Thank You

Thank you to Tom and all those who work to support conservation! Your work is creating a positive impact on conservation in our communities.


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