What is a pollinator plot?

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What is a pollinator plot?

The key to a successful plant domain is pollinators. Pollinators are organisms like bees, butterflies, moths, hummingbirds, beetles, flies and insects in general. The existence of plants and insects are dependent on each other.

Pollination is the act of moving pollen from one plant to another’s female reproductive organs. When the pollen from one plant reaches the female part of another, the flower is fertilized and seeds will begin to form (https://pollinatorplot.unl.edu/what-are-pollinators).

Pollination is important because it leads to food production and seed production so we can continue to produce more food.

Redwood County Pheasants Forever works with local members to create and supplement local pollinator projects such as the pollinator plot located at the Redwood Falls Sporstmen’s Club. This pollinator plot is located on the North side of the tree line North of the archery range and is now home to many pollinators. The plot was prepared in 2017 and planted in the spring of 2018. It was partially funded by Redwood County Pheasants Forever. These are your dollars at work!

If you’re interested in a pollinator project, reach out to us!


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