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Redwood County Pheasants Forever Donated to Path to the Uplands

Redwood County Pheasants Forever strives to advocate for land conservation and support our hunting heritage throughout Redwood County and beyond. We are proud to share our support with a $5,000 contribution to the Path to the Uplands initiative. To learn more about our impact on conservation efforts and education, please visit our website.

“Dedicated to sharing outdoor lifestyles and an appreciation for wildlife, our team provides inspiration to traditional, new & emerging audiences of all ages. Working with others to create innovative programs & opportunities that help individuals enjoy their own unique “Path to the Uplands

Pheasants Forever

Path to the Uplands

The Path of Uplands initiative aims to cultivate a generation of informed and engaged hunter-conservationist and/or conservation supporters through a combination of authentic experience, training events and strategic partnerships. Every dollar local county Pheasant Forever and Quail Forever chapters donate through the Path to the Upland initiative is matched 3:1. Our Conservation Education Programs are funded through this effort.

Habitat Education 

Habitat Education focuses on teaching our youth the importance of conservation. Support to these efforts include Milkweed in the Classroom, Outreach Training and Resources as well as Pollinator habitat Outreach Program. 


Habitat Education Example: Pollinator Habitat Outreach Program

The Pollinator Habitat Outreach Program was created to educate the future conservationist generation on the importance of the Pheasant Forever’s mission. A good pollinator habitat correlates to a good pheasant and quail habitat. This program works with local county chapters to generate youth pollinator habitat projects in local communities. Learn more about the Pollinator Habitat Outreach Programs and offerings to local youth.

Conservation Leadership 

This focus area leads to the leadership initiatives of Journey to Conservation Careers, National Youth Leadership Council as well as Women on the Wing. Each of these programs shines a light on the conservation leadership efforts of the Pheasants Forever organization. 

women on the wing

Conservation Leadership Example: Women on the Wing

Women on the Wing is a program that focuses on providing leadership opportunities for women in conservation. With the end goal of creating a community of women dedicated to Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever’s mission, this program connected women landowners, farmers and reachers and cultivate new sportswomen. Learn more about the Women on the Wing program.

Hunting Heritage

Pheasants Forever strives to educate and inspire the next generation and members of our local communities. The hunting heritage focus area leans into continuing to educate and mentor our neighbors with the following initiatives: Learn to Hunt, Learn to Shoot and Mentor Pledge. Hunting provides people with a chance to connect with the land we love, here’s our chance to inspire and empower others to do the same.


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