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Local Shooting Sports Student Goes to International Shooting Competition

Redwood County Pheasants Forever supports local shooting sports student, Jared Zollner, in his journey to represent the U.S.A. in two international shooting competitions.

Roots in Redwood County

Jared Zollner has grown up in Redwood County and in his youth participated in Redwood County 4-H shooting sport club. Because he was able to excel in high school shooting sports, Jared was able to shoot at the collegiate level with the North Dakota State University Marksmanship Team.

Throughout his shooting career, Jared has been lucky enough to travel through 14 different states to attend various shooting matches such as various national pistol and rifle competitions through NRA, CMP, USA Shooting, and SASP.

Notable Awards

Because of his roots and his talents, Jared has achieved many awards along the way including most notably, twice selected to the All-American Pistol Team, awarded to the top collegiate shooters based upon grades and scores throughout the year.

For the Love of Shooting

In Jared's request for support letter, he notes, "Please know that the donations the Pheasants Forever Chapter makes to shooting sports clubs create some amazing opportunities for many kids. I would not be in the position I am in without the Redwood County 4-H shooting sport club. It was at the 4-H Club I found my love for shooting sports. This summer I am also have the opportunity to pass along my love and knowledge of shooting to the Minnesota national smallbore pistol team. I will be traveling and coaching the team at the National championships in Grand Island, Nebraska."

Zollner Represents the U.S.A. In Two Shooting Competitions

The first one is World University Games in Chengdue, China. The World University Games is a large international competition similar to the Olympics but for collegiate athletes. Around 10,000 athletes are expected to be participating in various sports. Jared was slated to attend the games last year, but because of covid the organization cancelled the event. He is still eligible to compete as the committee extended the invitation to athletes that had previously planned to attend. Jared will be traveling with eight others collegiate shooting athletes on this trip.

The second one is at the ISSF World Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan. The ISSF World Championship is an international competition held every four years that invites the top three shooters in each event from every nation. Jared qualified for the World Championships by finishing second at the U.S.A. Shooting National Competition in Fort Moore. Only the top shooters can attend the championship; it is the highest level of competition in the world. Jared will be traveling with the U.S.A. Shooting Team over a week to Baku at the end of August for this event.


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